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Welcome to the backtrader documentation!

The platform has 2 main objectives:

  1. Ease of use

  2. Go back to 1


Loosely based on the Karate (Kid) rules by Mr. Miyagi.

The basics of running this platform:

  • Create a Strategy

    • Decide on potential adjustable parameters

    • Instantiate the Indicators you need in the Strategy

    • Write down the logic for entering/exiting the market


Or alternatively:

  • Prepare some indicators to work as long/short signals

And then

  • Create a Cerebro Engine

    • First: Inject the Strategy (or signal-based strategy)

    And then:

    • Load and Inject a Data Feed (once created use cerebro.adddata)

    • And execute

    • For visual feedback use: cerebro.plot()

The platform is highly configurable

Let’s hope you, the user, find the platform useful and fun to work with.