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Live Data/Live Trading

Starting with release 1.5.0, backtrader supports Live Data Feeds and Live Trading. The first integrated entity is:

  • Interactive Brokers

This was long sought goal since the inception of the platform as a small idea. The design ideas have proven to be flexible enough to accommodate the needed changes. All whilst keeping the same interface which means: backtest once, trade many times. The same code/api/primitives/notifications are meant for backtesting and live data feeding/trading.

Naming the platform back + trader was intentional, although it could have well been that it had remained as a pure backtester. But no longer.

What’s new changed:

  • Store concept to have a integrated concept for entities like Interactive Brokers which provide data and brokering facilities in one go

  • New notifications to the strategy and/or cerebro from the store and/or data feeds

  • Time management support … as one could be trading New York baed products from anywhere else and time has to be kept consistent

  • Work on Resampling/Replaying to deliver bars as soon as possible or not too late if the market is not trading (nobody wants a 5 second resampled bar received 30 seconds later, because there were no intervening ticks)

  • Of course many small internal changes

A great deal of testing has gone into the integration and a large sample called ibtest is integrated in the sources, but being this the 1st release there could still be some edges. Should you decide to give this a try, execute 1st against Paper Trading account provided by Interactive Brokers (usually running at port 7497 rather than 7496)


Be sure to be comfortable with the inherent risks associated with data disconnection, bugs present in the software (TWS and backtrader), bugs in your own software and monitor your activities.

backtrader cannot take any responsibility or be held responsible for any losses a trader may incur (it will also not take any of the winnings)

What’s supported from Interactive Brokers:

  • Indices (obviously not for trading), Stocks, Futures, Options, Futures Options and Forex

  • Backfilling at the start of a connection and after a reconnection

  • Notifications on change from live to backfilling and viceversa

  • The order types already existing in backtrader: Market, Limit, StopLimit and Close (aka Market on Close*)

It is not the intention of the platform to reinvent the wheel, so the following is needed/optional to use the Interactive Brokers facilities:

  • Required: IbPy to interface with Interative Brokers’ TWS

    The documentation for IB indicates how to install it if not already part of your arsenal

  • Optional: pytz to automatically set the timezone for the products.

    The end-user may provide other tzinfo -compatible instances (from pytz or home-cooked) directly as a parameter to the data source rather than relying on automatic determination. See Time Management in the docs and the IB specific part of the documents.

!!! note

  If no `pytz` is detected and no `tzinfo` compatible instance is
  supplied to the *data feed*, the time delivered by the platform will be

As much as possible has been documented and is available at the usual documentation link:

A couple of runs from the sample ibtest against the TWS Demo

First: TWTR with resampling to 5 seconds:

$ ./ --port 7497 --data0 TWTR --resample --timeframe Seconds --compression 5


Server Version: 76
TWS Time at connection:20160620 22:37:37 CET
Strategy Created
Timezone from ContractDetails: EST5EDT
Datetime, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, OpenInterest, SMA
***** STORE NOTIF: <error id=-1, errorCode=2104, errorMsg=Market data farm connection is OK:ibdemo>
***** STORE NOTIF: <error id=-1, errorCode=2106, errorMsg=HMDS data farm connection is OK:demohmds>
0001, 2016-06-20T14:37:35.000000, 15.96, 15.97, 15.96, 15.96, 0.0, 0, nan
0002, 2016-06-20T14:37:40.000000, 15.96, 15.97, 15.96, 15.96, 0.0, 0, nan
0003, 2016-06-20T14:37:45.000000, 15.96, 15.97, 15.96, 15.97, 0.0, 0, nan
0004, 2016-06-20T14:37:50.000000, 15.96, 15.98, 15.94, 15.94, 0.0, 0, nan
0005, 2016-06-20T14:37:55.000000, 15.97, 15.97, 15.96, 15.97, 0.0, 0, 15.96
1441, 2016-06-20T16:37:35.000000, 16.03, 16.03, 16.02, 16.03, 0.0, 0, 16.026
1442, 2016-06-20T16:37:40.000000, 16.11, 16.11, 16.11, 16.11, 2.0, 0, 16.044
1443, 2016-06-20T16:37:45.000000, 16.1, 16.11, 16.1, 16.11, 5.0, 0, 16.06
1444, 2016-06-20T16:37:50.000000, 16.11, 16.11, 16.1, 16.1, 14.0, 0, 16.076


The execution environment has pytz installed

The following can be observed:

  • The 1st lines (from IbPy itself) show the connection to the server has succeeded and the data feed has found out the operating timezone of the asset: EST5EDT (aka EST aka US/Eastern)

    Notice how the local time (in timezone CET aka Europe/Berlin) is reported by TWS at the beginning, but the asset is 6 hours behind.

    The asset is reported in the time of the trading venue. Check the docs if you thing you really want to change this and the reasoning for this behavior.

  • Some notifications from the Store, in this case TWS indicates that the connections to the different data farms is ok. This is being printed out by methods overriden in the Strategy


    • CONNECTED: to tell the strategy connection to TWS is available

    • DELAYED: the data to be received is NOT live data. Backfilling (historical data) is taking place.

      Because the resampling parameters are Seconds/5 the maximum number of 5 seconds bar fitting in a single request is downloaded, roughly 1440.

    • LIVE: as soon as the platform catches up with backfilling and the queue is reduced to live data, the notification tells the strategy about it.

      From bar 1443 onwards the data is real-time data.


      because resampling is taking place this data is NOT tick-data and is delivered at the end of the 5 second period. Please check the docs for the qcheck parameter docs in IBData to understand how quickly a resampled bar will be delayed if no new ticks are being sent by the platform (because with no new ticks, the platform cannot understand if the currently resampled bar is yet over or not)

Let’s do the same but forcing a disconnection (the network interface is disabled 20 seconds):

$ ./ --port 7497 --data0 TWTR --resample --timeframe Seconds --compression 5

Output (skipping the initial known part):

1440, 2016-06-20T18:16:20.000000, 16.05, 16.05, 16.04, 16.04, 0.0, 0, 16.048
1441, 2016-06-20T18:16:25.000000, 16.05, 16.05, 16.05, 16.05, 0.0, 0, 16.05
1442, 2016-06-20T18:16:30.000000, 15.9, 15.9, 15.89, 15.9, 11.0, 0, 16.02
***** STORE NOTIF: <error id=-1, errorCode=1100, errorMsg=Connectivity between IB and TWS has been lost.>
***** STORE NOTIF: <error id=-1, errorCode=2105, errorMsg=HMDS data farm connection is broken:demohmds>
***** STORE NOTIF: <error id=-1, errorCode=2103, errorMsg=Market data farm connection is broken:ibdemo>
1443, 2016-06-20T18:16:35.000000, 15.9, 15.9, 15.89, 15.9, 28.0, 0, 15.988
***** STORE NOTIF: <error id=-1, errorCode=1102, errorMsg=Connectivity between IB and TWS has been restored - data maintained.>
***** STORE NOTIF: <error id=-1, errorCode=2106, errorMsg=HMDS data farm connection is OK:demohmds>
***** STORE NOTIF: <error id=-1, errorCode=2104, errorMsg=Market data farm connection is OK:ibdemo>
1444, 2016-06-20T18:16:40.000000, 16.04, 16.04, 16.03, 16.04, 0.0, 0, 15.986
1445, 2016-06-20T18:16:45.000000, 16.03, 16.04, 16.03, 16.04, 0.0, 0, 15.986
1446, 2016-06-20T18:16:50.000000, 16.04, 16.04, 16.03, 16.03, 0.0, 0, 15.982
1447, 2016-06-20T18:16:55.000000, 16.04, 16.04, 16.03, 16.04, 0.0, 0, 16.01
1448, 2016-06-20T18:17:00.000000, 16.03, 16.04, 16.03, 16.04, 0.0, 0, 16.038
1449, 2016-06-20T18:17:05.000000, 16.03, 16.04, 16.02, 16.03, 0.0, 0, 16.036
1450, 2016-06-20T18:17:10.000000, 15.9, 15.91, 15.9, 15.91, 3.0, 0, 16.01
1451, 2016-06-20T18:17:15.000000, 15.92, 15.92, 15.9, 15.92, 9.0, 0, 15.988
1452, 2016-06-20T18:17:20.000000, 15.91, 15.91, 15.89, 15.89, 18.0, 0, 15.958
1453, 2016-06-20T18:17:25.000000, 15.89, 15.92, 15.89, 15.89, 24.0, 0, 15.928

The narrative:

  • After bar 1442, the WLAN interface has been disabled

  • TWS notifications arrive indicating the situation

  • Bar 1443 is delivered from the resampler, because the platform had some ticks in between 18:16:30.000000 and 18:16:35.000000

  • Connectivity is restored at around 18:17:15, but this data is not delivered at once

  • The situation is identified and backfilling is attempted between 18:16:35 and 18:17:15.

    This can be seen with the notification DELAYED. The data is no longer LIVE

  • Bars 1444 to 1450 (both incl.) deliver the missing time

  • The notification LIVE is received and bar 1451 contains a real-time packet


There are some situations which backtrader cannot overcome, because TWS does not oblige. If TCP/IP packets are somehow lost and the IB Server is slow to react, it will take TWS a long time to react and notify the loss of connectivity.

TWS will even deliver packets clearly received late from the server with current timestamps (identified through a sudden burst of packets)

And finally some trading, buying 20K shares of TWTR with a single Market order and selling them in 2 orders of 10K each.


./ --port 7497 --data0 TWTR --resample --timeframe Seconds --compression 5 --broker --trade --stake 20000

The output is rather verbose, showing all parts of the order exeuction. Summarising a bit:

1442, 2016-06-20T18:28:05.000000, 15.92, 15.93, 15.92, 15.93, 1748.0, 0, 16.03
-------------------------------------------------- ORDER BEGIN 2016-06-20 23:28:11.343000
Ref: 1
OrdType: 0
OrdType: Buy
Status: 1
Status: Submitted
Size: 20000
Price: 14.34
Price Limit: None
ExecType: 0
ExecType: Market
CommInfo: <backtrader.brokers.ibbroker.IBCommInfo object at 0x00000000040B9278>
End of Session: 736136.166655
Info: AutoOrderedDict()
Broker: <backtrader.brokers.ibbroker.IBBroker object at 0x0000000003E23470>
Alive: True
Ref: 1
orderId: 1
Action: BUY
Size (ib): 20000
Lmt Price: 0.0
Aux Price: 0.0
OrderType: MKT
Tif (Time in Force): GTC
-------------------------------------------------- ORDER END
1443, 2016-06-20T18:28:10.000000, 15.93, 15.93, 15.92, 15.92, 10.0, 0, 16.004
-------------------------------------------------- ORDER BEGIN 2016-06-20 23:28:15.924000
Ref: 1
OrdType: 0
OrdType: Buy
Status: 3
Status: Partial
Size: 20000
Price: 14.34
Price Limit: None
ExecType: 0
ExecType: Market
CommInfo: <backtrader.brokers.ibbroker.IBCommInfo object at 0x00000000040B9278>
End of Session: 736136.166655
Info: AutoOrderedDict()
Broker: <backtrader.brokers.ibbroker.IBBroker object at 0x0000000003E23470>
Alive: True
Ref: 1
orderId: 1
Action: BUY
Size (ib): 20000
Lmt Price: 0.0
Aux Price: 0.0
OrderType: MKT
Tif (Time in Force): GTC
-------------------------------------------------- ORDER END
-------------------------------------------------- ORDER BEGIN 2016-06-20 23:28:20.972000
Ref: 1
OrdType: 0
OrdType: Buy
Status: 4
Status: Completed
Size: 20000
Price: 14.34
Price Limit: None
ExecType: 0
ExecType: Market
CommInfo: <backtrader.brokers.ibbroker.IBCommInfo object at 0x00000000040B9278>
End of Session: 736136.166655
Info: AutoOrderedDict()
Broker: <backtrader.brokers.ibbroker.IBBroker object at 0x0000000003E23470>
Alive: False
Ref: 1
orderId: 1
Action: BUY
Size (ib): 20000
Lmt Price: 0.0
Aux Price: 0.0
OrderType: MKT
Tif (Time in Force): GTC
-------------------------------------------------- ORDER END
1445, 2016-06-20T18:28:20.000000, 15.92, 15.93, 15.92, 15.93, 21.0, 0, 15.954

The following happens:

  • Data is received as normal

  • A BUY for 20K with execution type Market is issued

    • Submitted and Accepted notifications are received (only Submitted is shown above)

    • A streak of Partial executions (only 1 shown) until Completed is received.

    The actual execution is not shown, but is available in the order instance received under order.executed

  • Although not shown, 2 x Market SELL orders are issued to undo the operation

    The screenshot shows the logs in TWS after two different runs across an evening


The sample can do much more and is intended as a thorough test of the facilities and if possible to uncover any rough edges.

The usage:

$ ./ --help
usage: [-h] [--exactbars EXACTBARS] [--plot] [--stopafter STOPAFTER]
                 [--usestore] [--notifyall] [--debug] [--host HOST]
                 [--qcheck QCHECK] [--port PORT] [--clientId CLIENTID]
                 [--no-timeoffset] [--reconnect RECONNECT] [--timeout TIMEOUT]
                 --data0 DATA0 [--data1 DATA1] [--timezone TIMEZONE]
                 [--what WHAT] [--no-backfill_start] [--latethrough]
                 [--no-backfill] [--rtbar] [--historical]
                 [--fromdate FROMDATE] [--smaperiod SMAPERIOD]
                 [--replay | --resample]
                 [--timeframe {Ticks,MicroSeconds,Seconds,Minutes,Days,Weeks,Months,Years}]
                 [--compression COMPRESSION] [--no-takelate] [--no-bar2edge]
                 [--no-adjbartime] [--no-rightedge] [--broker] [--trade]
                 [--exectype {Market,Close,Limit,Stop,StopLimit}]
                 [--stake STAKE] [--valid VALID] [--cancel CANCEL]

Test Interactive Brokers integration

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --exactbars EXACTBARS
                        exactbars level, use 0/-1/-2 to enable plotting
                        (default: 1)
  --plot                Plot if possible (default: False)
  --stopafter STOPAFTER
                        Stop after x lines of LIVE data (default: 0)
  --usestore            Use the store pattern (default: False)
  --notifyall           Notify all messages to strategy as store notifs
                        (default: False)
  --debug               Display all info received form IB (default: False)
  --host HOST           Host for the Interactive Brokers TWS Connection
  --qcheck QCHECK       Timeout for periodic notification/resampling/replaying
                        check (default: 0.5)
  --port PORT           Port for the Interactive Brokers TWS Connection
                        (default: 7496)
  --clientId CLIENTID   Client Id to connect to TWS (default: random)
                        (default: None)
  --no-timeoffset       Do not Use TWS/System time offset for non timestamped
                        prices and to align resampling (default: False)
  --reconnect RECONNECT
                        Number of recconnection attempts to TWS (default: 3)
  --timeout TIMEOUT     Timeout between reconnection attempts to TWS (default:
  --data0 DATA0         data 0 into the system (default: None)
  --data1 DATA1         data 1 into the system (default: None)
  --timezone TIMEZONE   timezone to get time output into (pytz names)
                        (default: None)
  --what WHAT           specific price type for historical requests (default:
  --no-backfill_start   Disable backfilling at the start (default: False)
  --latethrough         if resampling replaying, adjusting time and disabling
                        time offset, let late samples through (default: False)
  --no-backfill         Disable backfilling after a disconnection (default:
  --rtbar               Use 5 seconds real time bar updates if possible
                        (default: False)
  --historical          do only historical download (default: False)
  --fromdate FROMDATE   Starting date for historical download with format:
                        YYYY-MM-DD[THH:MM:SS] (default: None)
  --smaperiod SMAPERIOD
                        Period to apply to the Simple Moving Average (default:
  --replay              replay to chosen timeframe (default: False)
  --resample            resample to chosen timeframe (default: False)
  --timeframe {Ticks,MicroSeconds,Seconds,Minutes,Days,Weeks,Months,Years}
                        TimeFrame for Resample/Replay (default: Ticks)
  --compression COMPRESSION
                        Compression for Resample/Replay (default: 1)
  --no-takelate         resample/replay, do not accept late samples in new bar
                        if the data source let them through (latethrough)
                        (default: False)
  --no-bar2edge         no bar2edge for resample/replay (default: False)
  --no-adjbartime       no adjbartime for resample/replay (default: False)
  --no-rightedge        no rightedge for resample/replay (default: False)
  --broker              Use IB as broker (default: False)
  --trade               Do Sample Buy/Sell operations (default: False)
  --donotsell           Do not sell after a buy (default: False)
  --exectype {Market,Close,Limit,Stop,StopLimit}
                        Execution to Use when opening position (default:
  --stake STAKE         Stake to use in buy operations (default: 10)
  --valid VALID         Seconds to keep the order alive (0 means DAY)
                        (default: None)
  --cancel CANCEL       Cancel a buy order after n bars in operation, to be
                        combined with orders like Limit (default: 0)

The code:

from __future__ import (absolute_import, division, print_function,

import argparse
import datetime

# The above could be sent to an independent module
import backtrader as bt
from backtrader.utils import flushfile  # win32 quick stdout flushing

class TestStrategy(bt.Strategy):
    params = dict(

    def __init__(self):
        # To control operation entries
        self.orderid = list()
        self.order = None

        self.counttostop = 0
        self.datastatus = 0

        # Create SMA on 2nd data
        self.sma = bt.indicators.MovAv.SMA(, period=self.p.smaperiod)

        print('Strategy Created')

    def notify_data(self, data, status, *args, **kwargs):
        print('*' * 5, 'DATA NOTIF:', data._getstatusname(status), *args)
        if status == data.LIVE:
            self.counttostop = self.p.stopafter
            self.datastatus = 1

    def notify_store(self, msg, *args, **kwargs):
        print('*' * 5, 'STORE NOTIF:', msg)

    def notify_order(self, order):
        if order.status in [order.Completed, order.Cancelled, order.Rejected]:
            self.order = None

        print('-' * 50, 'ORDER BEGIN',
        print('-' * 50, 'ORDER END')

    def notify_trade(self, trade):
        print('-' * 50, 'TRADE BEGIN',
        print('-' * 50, 'TRADE END')

    def prenext(self):

    def next(self, frompre=False):
        txt = list()
        txt.append('%04d' % len(self))
        dtfmt = '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f'
        txt.append('%s' %
        print(', '.join(txt))

        if len(self.datas) > 1:
            txt = list()
            txt.append('%04d' % len(self))
            dtfmt = '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S.%f'
            txt.append('%s' % self.data1.datetime.datetime(0).strftime(dtfmt))
            print(', '.join(txt))

        if self.counttostop:  # stop after x live lines
            self.counttostop -= 1
            if not self.counttostop:

        if not

        if self.datastatus and not self.position and len(self.orderid) < 1:
            self.order =,
                                  price=round(self.data0.close[0] * 0.90, 2),

        elif self.position.size > 0 and not self.p.donotsell:
            if self.order is None:
                self.order = self.sell(size=self.p.stake // 2,

        elif self.order is not None and self.p.cancel:
            if self.datastatus > self.p.cancel:

        if self.datastatus:
            self.datastatus += 1

    def start(self):
        if self.data0.contractdetails is not None:
            print('Timezone from ContractDetails: {}'.format(

        header = ['Datetime', 'Open', 'High', 'Low', 'Close', 'Volume',
                  'OpenInterest', 'SMA']
        print(', '.join(header))

        self.done = False

def runstrategy():
    args = parse_args()

    # Create a cerebro
    cerebro = bt.Cerebro()

    storekwargs = dict(, port=args.port,
        clientId=args.clientId, timeoffset=not args.no_timeoffset,
        reconnect=args.reconnect, timeout=args.timeout,
        notifyall=args.notifyall, _debug=args.debug

    if args.usestore:
        ibstore = bt.stores.IBStore(**storekwargs)

        if args.usestore:
            broker = ibstore.getbroker()
            broker = bt.brokers.IBBroker(**storekwargs)


    timeframe = bt.TimeFrame.TFrame(args.timeframe)
    if args.resample or args.replay:
        datatf = bt.TimeFrame.Ticks
        datacomp = 1
        datatf = timeframe
        datacomp = args.compression

    fromdate = None
    if args.fromdate:
        dtformat = '%Y-%m-%d' + ('T%H:%M:%S' * ('T' in args.fromdate))
        fromdate = datetime.datetime.strptime(args.fromdate, dtformat)

    IBDataFactory = ibstore.getdata if args.usestore else bt.feeds.IBData

    datakwargs = dict(
        timeframe=datatf, compression=datacomp,
        historical=args.historical, fromdate=fromdate,
        backfill_start=not args.no_backfill_start,
        backfill=not args.no_backfill,

    if not args.usestore and not   # neither store nor broker
        datakwargs.update(storekwargs)  # pass the store args over the data

    data0 = IBDataFactory(dataname=args.data0, **datakwargs)

    data1 = None
    if args.data1 is not None:
        data1 = IBDataFactory(dataname=args.data1, **datakwargs)

    rekwargs = dict(
        timeframe=timeframe, compression=args.compression,
        bar2edge=not args.no_bar2edge,
        adjbartime=not args.no_adjbartime,
        rightedge=not args.no_rightedge,
        takelate=not args.no_takelate,

    if args.replay:
        cerebro.replaydata(dataname=data0, **rekwargs)

        if data1 is not None:
            cerebro.replaydata(dataname=data1, **rekwargs)

    elif args.resample:
        cerebro.resampledata(dataname=data0, **rekwargs)

        if data1 is not None:
            cerebro.resampledata(dataname=data1, **rekwargs)

        if data1 is not None:

    if args.valid is None:
        valid = None
    # Add the strategy

    # Live data ... avoid long data accumulation by switching to "exactbars"

    if args.plot and args.exactbars < 1:  # plot if possible

def parse_args():
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
        description='Test Interactive Brokers integration')

    parser.add_argument('--exactbars', default=1, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='exactbars level, use 0/-1/-2 to enable plotting')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Plot if possible')

    parser.add_argument('--stopafter', default=0, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Stop after x lines of LIVE data')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Use the store pattern')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Notify all messages to strategy as store notifs')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Display all info received form IB')

    parser.add_argument('--host', default='',
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Host for the Interactive Brokers TWS Connection')

    parser.add_argument('--qcheck', default=0.5, type=float,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help=('Timeout for periodic '
                              'notification/resampling/replaying check'))

    parser.add_argument('--port', default=7496, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Port for the Interactive Brokers TWS Connection')

    parser.add_argument('--clientId', default=None, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Client Id to connect to TWS (default: random)')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help=('Do not Use TWS/System time offset for non '
                              'timestamped prices and to align resampling'))

    parser.add_argument('--reconnect', default=3, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Number of recconnection attempts to TWS')

    parser.add_argument('--timeout', default=3.0, type=float,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Timeout between reconnection attempts to TWS')

    parser.add_argument('--data0', default=None,
                        required=True, action='store',
                        help='data 0 into the system')

    parser.add_argument('--data1', default=None,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='data 1 into the system')

    parser.add_argument('--timezone', default=None,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='timezone to get time output into (pytz names)')

    parser.add_argument('--what', default=None,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='specific price type for historical requests')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Disable backfilling at the start')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help=('if resampling replaying, adjusting time '
                              'and disabling time offset, let late samples '

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Disable backfilling after a disconnection')

    parser.add_argument('--rtbar', default=False,
                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Use 5 seconds real time bar updates if possible')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='do only historical download')

                        required=False, action='store',
                        help=('Starting date for historical download '
                              'with format: YYYY-MM-DD[THH:MM:SS]'))

    parser.add_argument('--smaperiod', default=5, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Period to apply to the Simple Moving Average')

    pgroup = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=False)

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='replay to chosen timeframe')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='resample to chosen timeframe')

    parser.add_argument('--timeframe', default=bt.TimeFrame.Names[0],
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='TimeFrame for Resample/Replay')

    parser.add_argument('--compression', default=1, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Compression for Resample/Replay')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help=('resample/replay, do not accept late samples '
                              'in new bar if the data source let them through '

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='no bar2edge for resample/replay')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='no adjbartime for resample/replay')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='no rightedge for resample/replay')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Use IB as broker')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Do Sample Buy/Sell operations')

                        required=False, action='store_true',
                        help='Do not sell after a buy')

    parser.add_argument('--exectype', default=bt.Order.ExecTypes[0],
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Execution to Use when opening position')

    parser.add_argument('--stake', default=10, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Stake to use in buy operations')

    parser.add_argument('--valid', default=None, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help='Seconds to keep the order alive (0 means DAY)')

    parser.add_argument('--cancel', default=0, type=int,
                        required=False, action='store',
                        help=('Cancel a buy order after n bars in operation,'
                              ' to be combined with orders like Limit'))

    return parser.parse_args()

if __name__ == '__main__':