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  • Improving Random Python Internet Study Notes by backtrader on Apr 22

    Every now and then, samples with backtrader code pop up in the Internet. There are several in what it looks to me to be Chinese. The latest one is here:

  • A Dynamic Indicator by backtrader on Feb 06

    Indicators are difficult beasts. Not because they are difficult to code in general, but mostly because the name is misleading and people have different expectations as to what an indicator is.

  • Stop Trading by backtrader on Feb 01

    Trading can be dangerous and trading using stop orders can help into either avoiding big losses or securing profits. backtrader provides you with several mechanisms to implement Stop - based strategies

  • Developing a Recursive Indicator (with a seed) by backtrader on Jan 27

    One of the initial goals of backtrader was:

  • The DJI 10 day streak by mementum on Aug 08

    It has hit the news. The DJI is hitting all time highs with already 10 consecutive updays and 9 all time highs. See for example:

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