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  • The DJI 10 day streak by mementum on Aug 08

    It has hit the news. The DJI is hitting all time highs with already 10 consecutive updays and 9 all time highs. See for example:

  • Evaluating external historical performance by mementum on Jul 05

    With release, backtrader can now be used to evaluate the performance of an external set of orders. This can be used for example:

  • Renko Bricks by mementum on Jun 26

    The Renko Bricks is a different way to present the evolution of prices in which price plays a more important role than time. This has been introduced as a filter in release of backtrader

  • Backtrader: the fund by mementum on Jun 19

    Already for a while, backtrader has been in use, so to say, professionally, besides the the known usage of backtrader some banks and trading houses, for the Backtrader Fund.

  • Release by mementum on Jun 12

    Even being a minor release, there are some interesting things which probably grant having a dedicated blog post for them.

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