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  • Strategy Selection Revisited by mementum on May 16

    The original Strategy Selection approach used two strategies, which were manually registered and a simple [0, 1] list to decide which would be the target of the strategy.

  • Timers by mementum on May 03

    Release added timers to the arsenal of tools available in backtrader. This functionality allows to get a call back to the notify_timer (available in Cerebro and Strategy) at given points in time, with a fine grained end-user control.

  • Cheat On Open by mementum on May 01

    Release adds support for Cheat-On-Open. This seems to be a demanded feature for people who go all-in, having made a calculation after the close of a bar, but expecting to be matched against the open price.

  • Trading Calendar by mementum on Apr 16

    Release adds support for Trading Calendars. This is useful when resampling in for example the following scenarios:

  • Multi Example by mementum on Apr 09

    A couple of topics in the Community seem to be oriented as to how to keep track of orders, especially when several data feeds are in play and also including when multiple orders are working together like in the case of bracket orders

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